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Work Management in SharePoint 2016



Hi Folks,

As you all remember the well known productivity feature Work Management Services in SharePoint 2013. Well, let me drop the bomb. Work Management Services is no longer with us in SharePoint 2016. As Microsoft published in September 2014, Tasks (Work Management) got removed from Office 365. I could not find the official announcement anymore, but it is referenced here (The “Sync to Outlook” button and the “Tasks” link are missing in SharePoint Online)

As you all noticed earlier this month, Microsoft made SharePoint 2016 RTM officially available to download and trial. Central Administration

I noticed that Work Management Service got removed from the SharePoint 2016 Central Administration > Manage Service ApplicationsNew menu.


So I tried PowerShellWork Management PowerShell

Here is the result. I did not find any official record, and it is not in the What’s deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server 2016 list (This list is dated March 11, 2016 and it applies to the SharePoint 2016 Preview).

So in case you relay on Work Management Service in SharePoint 2013, be warned that there is no more in SharePoint 2016. It will properly be integrated in Exchange Server or maybe there is going to be a Planner on-premise version coming up.