Author - Arndt Dienstbier

Fight against Ransomware

At the moment a major risk is endangering businesses worldwide: Ransomware. Most common types of ransomware encrypt all user’s data – wherether it’s stored on local computers or on network drives. Even unmounted network shares are not safe, as long as the user has access to it’s contents. This elevates ransomware to a high business risk. In order to mitigate the risk in Microsoft Windows environments a couple of built in technologies help to achieve a safer Corporate-IT. A couple of days [...]


Get low-battery push notification from your notebook

Imagine the situation while presenting your newest PowerPoint slide show in front of your customer, when your notebook’s screen suddenly goes black. Reason: You missed the “Your battery is running critically low on power” message. But you’re lucky: If you are an owner of a Microsoft Band (or any other push-compatible smart wear), here is a tiny proof-of-concept solution, preventing such a blame: (more…)


SharePoint – Providing operations on Azure?

Introduction A recent question attracted our interest: Can we utilize Microsoft® Azure and extend our service portfolio to provide operations? Before answering this question, let me introduce the problem. As a successful solution provider for Microsoft® SharePoint and SharePoint based applications, we neglected operations. Mainly, because we cannot – could not – provide the necessary hardware and Service-Level-Agreements (SLA), and secondly, because we were never asked to provide such measures. Furthermore, cloud-based solutions were not available especially because Microsoft® explicitly did not support [...]