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Get low-battery push notification from your notebook

Imagine the situation while presenting your newest PowerPoint slide show in front of your customer, when your notebook’s screen suddenly goes black. Reason: You missed the “Your battery is running critically low on power” message. But you’re lucky: If you are an owner of a Microsoft Band (or any other push-compatible smart wear), here is a tiny proof-of-concept solution, preventing such a blame: (more…)


How to enable a list as a catalog in SharePoint 2013 with Powershell

Configure a list as a catalog with PowerShell to automate cross site publishing configuration in SharePoint 2013. $siteUrl = "http://<<Server>>/sites/test" $webUrl = "/sites/test/subtest" $site = get-SPSite -Identity $siteUrl $web = Get-SPWeb -Site $site -Identity $webUrl $list = $web.Lists | where { $_.Title -eq 'Pages' } Adds important Indexed Properties to the List. $list.IndexedRootFolderPropertyKeys.Add("PublishingCatalogSettings") $list.IndexedRootFolderPropertyKeys.Add("IsPublishingCatalog") Enables Anonymous Access to the Catalog. (To disable set to 0.) $list.AnonymousPermMask = 8192 Adds properties to the lists RootFolder to configure the list as catalog. IsPublishingCatalog: sets the checkbox in the configure catalog page PublishingCatalogSettings: configures the [...]