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Categorize, organize and layout your Office 365 intranet with PnP Templates

Categorized sites based on PnP templates   The out of the box functionality of SharePoint Online to organize your intranet is getting better and better and covers a lot of standard use cases. You have the possibilities to organize it by Hub-Sites, Highlighted Content-, News, Sites- and many more Webparts. But in real life they often do not fulfill all requirements. Also, you are restricted when it comes to customizing the layout and the look & feel. Recently, a customer of [...]


The IF-Blueprint IoT Plant Application – Part 1

Or „how to avoid the office plant apocalypse”   Plants have a hard life in our office. They are in a constant state of dying. To avoid the slow death, we decided to use the power of the cloud and IoT. We started to develop an IoT environment that measures the humidity of each plant and push the collected data into an Azure Database. From this cloud based data pool we have endless possibilities to process and analyze this data, e.g. [...]