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Add Button to Call Custom Flow on a SharePoint Online List Item or Document From a Teams Tab

This week, I overheard some complaints about Microsoft Teams not having full support for the list and library commands that are available directly within the SharePoint Online site that the list or library lives in. While these features might be coming in the future or are already available if you choose to display the list or library as a “website” tab in Teams, you cannot start a flow on a specific item with this workaround – the flow command [...]


First Time @ Microsoft Ignite – Lessons learned

This year, I attended my very first Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida. Besides some very interesting announcements (I’ll cover the most important ones from my point of view in the second part), I thought it would be nice to share some advice for other “newcomers” when they go for their first Microsoft Ignite… Plan your schedule ahead! Plan your schedule weeks in advance. I didn’t plan my sessions until each morning, which led to nervous looking-at-my-phone-while-walking in the morning and searching-for-the-next-session [...]