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How to enable a list as a catalog in SharePoint 2013 with Powershell

Configure a list as a catalog with PowerShell to automate cross site publishing configuration in SharePoint 2013.

Adds important Indexed Properties to the List.

Enables Anonymous Access to the Catalog. (To disable set to 0.)

Adds properties to the lists RootFolder to configure the list as catalog.

  • IsPublishingCatalog: sets the checkbox in the configure catalog page
  • PublishingCatalogSettings: configures the Catalog Item Url Fields and the taxonomy field for the Navigation Hierarchy
  • vti_indexedpropertykeys: Those Ids are the fixed Ids of the two Indexed Properties we added to the Lists IndexedRootFolderPropertyKeys.

Now you need to perform a full crawl to let the index catch the previously set indexed properties.