Passing variables from ARM deployments to Azure DevOps tasks

Deploying Azure components in an automated way is simple, thanks to Azure Resource Manager templates – or short: ARM templates. You can define which Azure components you want to provision and how they should be configured. However, this blog post is not about ARM templates itself, if you like to read more about them go here. If you use Azure DevOps to deploy your ARM templates, there might be a situation where you need values in other Azure DevOps tasks. Those [...]


Authenticate against an Azure Mobile Service app with ADAL.js

In one of my current projects I was trying to access a Azure Mobile Service from within a HTML Angular app. “Great!” I thought, let’s use ADAL.js and let the magic happen! So I installed ADAL.js, configured it and…..nothing, ADAL.js injects the Bearer token but I got a “401 unauthorize” from the Azure Mobile Service. After some research on the web I was able to get Azure Mobile Service authentication to work with an ADAL.js acquired authorization token. The Setup As [...]